10+ Years Markets & Trading Experience
Chartered Market Technician (CMT)
Based in Zurich, Switzerland

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My name is Raphael Huber. I have been actively trading and analysing the financial markets for many years.

Revive Investments is my platform to share my passion and views with anybody interested in the fields of technical analysis, systematic trading and investing. Founded in 2013, private investors, traders, portfolio managers and investment professionals receive my views, opinions and trading ideas ever since.

I constantly look out and scan the markets for trading opportunities across all asset classes. The resulting ideas and analysis are solely based on technical analysis, backed with my multiple years of professional trading and risk management experience.

I primarily aim for specific high probability chart patterns and momentum break-outs where an exact risk/reward and holding period can be defined. Moreover, I only act when the pre-defined parameters are in harmony and the timing is right. Associated risk is only taken when needed and the specific trade plan is in place.

Strict risk management is the main pillar of my approach leading to non-emotional decision making and builds the optimal principle for a consistent growth of the trading portfolio.