Good afternoon,
German DAX30 has found support and built a bottom in form of a head-and-shoulders formation. Providing a rebound to the January 2014 highs is very likely in place.
Head and shoulders neckline seems to have been tested and markt found support right there.
Therefore, I recommend to go Long DAX30 at current levels (9330) and strongly buy any pullback onto neckline.
Target Limit 9780
Protective Stop (right shoulder) 9150
Trade horizon < 2 months
Happy trading and have an excellent weekend!
So long,


Hello folks,
We are just ahead of a trend reversal in AUDUSD. Bullish divergence of momentum vs. price action and a nicely formed head-and-shoulders formation on top! What do you want more?
Therefore, I recommend to slowly build a long AUDUSD position at current levels (between 0.9080 and 0.9100) and buy into any pullbacks onto neckline at 0.9080.
Target Limit 0.9480
Protective Stop 0.8885
Trade horizon <3 months
Happy trading and happy Friday to all of you!!!
So long,



Good afternoon
Last weeks’ buy signal in UBSN is very likely to have failed. If we do not see a close today above upper triangle line (~18.65), I recommend to close the long position or to hedge your position until further lows in the area of 16.00 – 16.80 are tested.
I will keep you posted on that stock!
So long,



Hello again,
We see a bearish divergence in momentum in GBPUSD as well as momentum supportline break which leads GBP to weaken against USD.
Therefore I recommend to short GBPUSD at current levels (1.6708).
Target Limit 1.6625
Protective Stop 1.6771
Trade horizon <5 days
Happy trading!!!
So long,



Good morning everybody
The past weeks, UBSN has formed a triangle continuation pattern. I recommend to accumulate the stock at current levels (CHF 18.50 – 19.00).
Target Limit ~CHF 20.85
Protective Stop CHF 17.96
Trade horizon <3 months
Happy Friday to all of you and have an excellent weekend!
So long,



Hello folks
Target has almost been reached and I recommend to close the position at current levels (139.65 – 139.70) as limit has to be raised by 0.10 due to rising support line.
See also screenshot below.
Happy trading guys!
So long,


Good afternoon
We see EURJPY forming a head-and-shoulders formation supported by bearish divergences in momentum  – short EURJPY at the retest of head-and-shoulders neckline at 140.50. (meaning: market has to break neckline, go lower and test neckline, if market does not re-break neckline upwards, signal is valid and head-and-shoulders formation is confirmed).
Profit target 139.60 (Target line)
Protective stop 141.02 
Trade horizon = 5 days
The more aggressive traders could already short a small position at current levels, but be aware that a head-and-shoulders formation is not valid unless confirmed by neckline retest.
Happy trading!!!
So long,