Good afternoon,
We are seeing quite some volatility in BSLN, market participants are very anxious and on top is this particular stock no that liquid. Bottom line, stock had lost almost 13% after my first call, rebounded and is now trading around 91.95. Technically BSLN has still some downside, but some warnings in short term charts have occured and I hereby take the step and suggest to close the position at current levels (91.95, total performance +4.12%).
In the meantime, I wish you all an excellent weekend!
So long,



Good afternoon,
BSLN proceeds its downtrend and is currently trading within the first gap range – in numbers: decline of over 11% (currently at 85.25) since my call.
We may see some congestion around 86.50 and 82.15 (first gap) before BSLN declines further onto 75-ish – so stay short!
In the meantime, happy trading 🙂
So long,



Hello folks,
We have a head and shoulders formation in BSLN (Basilea Pharmaceutica) – neckline (blue line) validty is confirmed and stock proceeds its down move accordingly.
Moreover, two gaps got to be closed which are within target range.
Therefore, I recommend to short BSLN (buy puts, short cfd’s) at current levels (95.90).
Target Limit 75.30
Protective Stop 106.00
Trade horizon <3 months
Happy trading!!
So long,